zaterdag 30 maart 2019

Yesterday was the first day without rain so we could work on the motorhome. PS. is a great blog about motorhomes and has a review on the Travette. We're always interested in more information about this Bakersfield company, and personal experiences from everyone who owns, or owned a Travette.

Here are some pics of our work yesterday.

this is how we first found it. Via craigslist ad. Flat tire and paneling coming down. What else?
As you can see, the extra layer of glass fiber that was put on later, is coming off. We have to get it all off, or put new bondo on it so that it sticks, and then repaint it. The back looks even worse:
But the underside will be okay with some surface rust sanded off and a layer of Rustoleum.

Ilene was already busy cleaning up the interior and checking the upholstery, which needs total renewal.
And meanwhile I was busy trying to get the lights working, which means to inspect all connections, light fixtures, switches et cetera.

maandag 25 maart 2019

We bought a Toyota motorhome

To be more mobile and see more of this great nation, Ilene and I have bought a camper. It's a Travette from 1979 and needs tons of work, but we got it for a good price. The engine, R20, is famous for it's durability and economy. Which we need, since now we got to get new tires. The old ones are from 1995 and WILL pop on any hiway trip.

We'll keep you posted!!