dinsdag 17 november 2009

Finally understood the Dashboard

After my brother told me he couldn't see anything on this blog -and therefor, not being any competition for his meuk.web-log.nl blog- which I didn't really understood, over a day trying to figure out how the dashboard of blogger works, I must have hit a button that made it work, made it visible to the whole wide world, and everybody on it, everyone sitting on a chair or couch wasting their asses and reading bullshit of one or another kind, since that's what it all is, this web, loads and loads of bullshit layering over each other from the beginning of it's existence. This blog adds to that, from a philosophical-humoristic viewpoint, as far as I understand what I'm doing.

A library has walls, so at least we all can see the information stops there. Interesting is that the Berlin Wall had to fall before the net got big. Also, that this internet made it possible to communicate out of the sight of governments. As with any invention, it can be used for good and bad. Actually, it all changed when the people came in that wanted to use it for moneymaking purposes.

As for the shop, thefreewheelers.webs.com, has only two products at the moment. I launched it on about ten social network websites, without realising I could better do that when the shop was fully operating... and I should make it able for people to listen to the music while they are in the shop, which I also have to figure out. Seems again that I started something big, comparable to the guy that found the gold in this state some one and a half century ago. Now I have to connect that shop to a creditcard, which hasn't happened yet. And check the advertisement cost, once it's all up and ready. There are many options. Yet I believe that working from the good old trunk is more reliable as to make an income....

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