dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

theFreewheelers :: uPlaya Artists

theFreewheelers :: uPlaya Artists

Who does not like the sound of a cello, played by a trained cellist? 

One of the first bands to put this into the bluesrock genre, the Freewheelers (sometimes spelled with 'de' since an old band used the same name) have played all over Europe and are now working on new material for their American tour. Always out of money, since they are not backed by a label and do everything independent, the recordings of this band are a bit on the lo-fi side. They are more a live band, however both Ilene Spain and Bas Vossen have lots of studio experience, being paid studio musicians for years. 

Check out their songs online, their home base is http://www.myspace.com/defreewheelers

Better is to hear them perform live. Put your email on the list by sending it to bas_vossen@yahoo.com as he is setting up a system to inform our fans. We'll be touring the USA from October, 22 until October next year. From then on we'll be touring Europe. Australia and Asia are also on the list, as we have fans there too. And we do not forget our fans: we'll organise a festival in the middle of every tour!

Be free. Have Wheels!

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