zaterdag 22 juni 2013

Bicycle Music Exposition with the Freewheelers Cello Blues

All of a sudden, it is 2013, and we are working on a bicycle music exposition in the Netherlands, where we now live. Spain doesn't seem to get out of this government-created crisis and we need to make a living.... In Alicant, we lived with Alfredo Talens who was part of Critical Mass Alicante, a group of bicycle aficionados that is trying to get some attention for the dangerous situation on the roads, where bicycle lanes or safe crossings do not exist. Of course this rightwing Partido Popular government has no clue how to end unemployment, which could be done by building bike lanes so also tourism could benefit (and grow), while tragic traffic accidents could be prevented.
Today San Francisco has the world's biggest bicycle festival, organised with the SF Critical Mass movement and with cellist Joe Chang, who biked all over Europe in the year that Ilene was working in California.
Bicycles are a wayback experience to the 'white bicycles' idea of the Dutch Provo movement but also a durable energy vehicle, no waste of fossil fuel, and thus rightwing parties like the  current  dutch government don't like it. It seems all over the world the alternative and artist scenes are taking to the bicycle. We, as Freewheelers, of course saw this coming a Long Long time ago....

safe biking! And good music!

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